Bacharacher Kloster Fürstental

The VDP.ERSTE LAGE® KLOSTER FÜRSTENTAL holds a special significance for our wine estate. For here in this vineyard south of Stahleck Castle is where the grapes grow that lend our sparkling wines their defining character. The name of the vineyard dates back to the Wilhelmite monastery that stood here in the Middle Ages. The slate soils of the Kloster Fürstental vineyard bear a certain basic similarity to those of the Bacharacher Wolfshöhle yet have a higher percentage of loam and fine soil. This gives the Riesling a creamy character. For many years the rows of vines in our Bacharacher Kloster Fürstental vineyards have been planted further apart and grass and wild herbs allowed to grow between them. This provides good ventilation and produces extremely healthy grapes which are important when making top sparkling wines. We are also often able to harvest Eiswein from select grapes frozen on the vine on a designated plot here.