Schloss Fürstenberg

The Schloss Fürstenberg vineyard surrounds the ruined castle of the same name near Rheindiebach. Although it boasts Roman origins, this is the youngest plot farmed by our winery. We re-terraced this steep vineyard, which covers about ten hectares (ca. 25 acres), after purchasing it in 2017. A research project has been set up here in cooperation with Hochschule Geisenheim University to study biodiversity in sustainable viticulture. The Diebach Valley lies slightly south of Bacharach, just a few hundred metres from the town’s district boundaries. The valley runs up from the Rhine into the Hunsrück and is similar to the Steeg Valley in its topography. The VDP.ERSTE LAGE® SCHLOSS FÜRSTENBERG, named after the castle ruins, provides an ideal terroir for delicate Riesling wines with a precise minerality. The soil here has a little more clay in the slate and can store moisture very well. This vineyard generally has a slightly cooler climate which gives our wines rich in finesse a fine, spicy note.