Steeger St. Jost

St. Jost is what we like to call our ‘home’ vineyard. This vineyard, which we can access from the garden of our house, is absolutely predestined for Riesling and is classified as the VDP.GROSSE LAGE® ST. JOST according to the guidelines set by the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter (VDP). The vineyard runs from 120 to 200 metres above sea level and has a gradient of about 60 degrees. It is dominated by clay slate which lends the wine a delicate mineral tone, clear and precise fruitiness and mellow melt. The ground harbours a layer of pastel wind-borne sand deposited by volcanic eruptions in the Neuwied Basin a good 10,000 years ago. The vineyard is named after Saint Jodocus who lived in the north of France in the seventh century AD and was known to be a pilgrim and hermit and to have founded a monastery. Up until the Reformation a chapel dedicated to Saint Jodocus stood between Bacharach and Steeg. The wines from the St. Jost vineyard have great potential and can mature over a long period. After the very hot year of 2003 we installed an irrigation system in St. Jost covering about two hectares (five acres) so that we can water the approximately 10,000 vines here gently and sustainably.